Targeting Pochettino the final answer Chelsea.

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Mauricio Pochettino an experienced unemployed manager who has managed a team in the English Premier League. With a clear working philosophy and good at team structure. It appears to be the most interesting choice if Chelsea want a new head coach. According to Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville.

Chelsea owner Todd Bohly recently sacked Graeme Potter following their 2-0 defeat to Aston Villa at the weekend. The team dropped to the bottom half of the table. Both rounds of the buy-sell market paid over 600 million pounds. 

Chaos within the Chelsea organization. Neville sees that it can be settled if there is a manager holding him. So he recommends Pochettino, who is good at solving problems. And not causing new drama Guaranteed from tuning Southampton or Spurs. 

“Everything that Chelsea communicated and Todd Bohly said was that they spent £600m in total without a striker,” the former Manchester United defender commented UFABET

“So if they hire Zinedine Zidane, Luis Enrique or Diego Simeone. They will ask for £300m. 

“The aforementioned managers will not like players already signed by the club.” 

“So they need to find a team manager ready to inherit. Or ready to join the same squad. Think that man is Mauricio Pochettino.” 

Pochettino has been out of work for the past season. After leaving Paris Saint- Germain and has been linked with a return to Spurs as well.