Pep Guardiola praises JK for making him a better manager

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola praises Jurgen Klopp as his rival for making him a better manager. After the game, the City sailed to a 1-1 draw with Liverpool, which may have been the last confrontation in the league between the pair.

“There were good moments from both sides. We started off very well. We must not forget the time to visit this stadium. Otherwise we won’t have a chance. Because we know how difficult it is,” Pep said after the game.

“There were very tight moments. It’s not a game where the team can control everything all the time.”

“Gotta give Liverpool a lot of credit. They proved once again that what they do is incredible for a competition like this. I know it will be difficult to come here and come away with a win. The team members have given everything. I have to give credit to the opponent and get a point back. “

We knew we had 10-15 minutes when the tsunami hit. So you have to survive.”

“We’re there. Want to win, but we can also lose. It is what it is. we will go home Rest and prepare to play the FA Cup before the international break,” ทางเข้า

when asked if this might be the last time facing Jurgen Klopp in the league. The Spaniard paid tribute to his greatest rival, saying:

“He will come back. He loves this job too much. What can I say? He makes us a better team. He has made me a better manager. I hope he comes back soon. Because football needs people with personalities like him,” Pep said.