Liverpool don’t wither have 33 points to get involved for the top 4.

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Diogo Jota, Liverpool striker, wants to be the leader of positive people. Encourage your friends to recover their performance quickly, starting from visiting Chelsea (April 4). When there are still 11 games remaining in the queue. Theoretically, the top four positions on the table are possible.

“Reds” mentally dropped after losing to Manchester City 1-4. The kind of game that could not fight, making it through 27 match days. With the same 42 points behind Spurs. The final quota of the PSL team, 8 points. But fewer matches two games. 

For this reason, the Portuguese players volunteered to summon the souls of their fallen comrades to count them again. In the pursuit of victory at Stamford Bridge to extend the final arc of the season. 

“The 2022-23 season was not easy and to be honest. I personally find it quite difficult.”

He said on the official website. 

“I want to manage it properly. But it’s been broken since the beginning of the season. Then came back and hurt again. Up to now, the last arc of the season. The team does not have any competition to win another trophy.”

“Even if it’s difficult, you have to look for momentum, get your rhythm back. To be honest, my situation is similar to that of the team right now.”

“We need to fight. Let’s do our best in the rest of the season. Because there are 11 games left and we need to set the right energy to prepare for the next season UFABET

“Because we need to qualify for a European Club Championship like the Champions League. It would be possible to do that would be huge.”

Sky Bet increases the price of Liverpool in the top 4 this season to 10/3 ( bet 3 , pay 10 , excluding capital ) partly. Because the performance outside the home is ugly. Plus there are five games left outside Anfield.