Hakim Ziyech up story, who is suspicious of someone saying that my knee is rotten?

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Chelsea winger Hakim Ziyech has been angered by the news that he has a fitness problem. Therefore did not pass a physical examination to move to attend Al-Nasser of the Saudi Pro League. So he responded with a story post on Instagram, challenging cool people to wear alone.

The Moroccan star has faced a difficult time since joining from Ajax Amsterdam in the summer of 2020. Having failed to establish himself as a regular at Stamford Bridge.  

When there is an attempt to rent – borrow Paris Saint-Germain Last Jan was unsuccessful due to late submission of documents. Until the summer market of 2023, the new head coach Mauricio Pochettino green light to give up the uniform UFABET 

But attempts to move from Stamford Bridge to a contract until June 2026 have collapsed amid the trend. That the 30-year-old star has knee problems. Until the whole industry understood the same thing about the case of Moroccan shins, brittle bones 

For this reason, he asked to ask for justice for himself, Up Story while returning to start rehabilitation before the 2023 pre-season by himself, as an image of two stretched legs, seeing the knees accompanying the caption. Hakim Ziyech

“Did you say you have a knee problem?” Story up on @hziyech account

The next step is to wait and see if Hakim will join the ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ warm-up Wrexham (19 July ). Including going on a tour to the United States or not .