‘Emery’ admits Villa must control their emotions

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Unai Emery admits Aston Villa need to control their emotions after losing 4-0 to Tottenham Hotspur with just 10 players remaining.

In the first half, Villa had enough to create chances. But the door cannot be buried. Then, entering the second half, they conceded two goals in a row, causing the situation to change.

In addition, John McGinn also got sent off with a red card, making it difficult for “Singha Rising” to come back before being hit. Added during injury time

“We fought very well in the first half. They didn’t find many opportunities. We didn’t finish well because they defended very well and we couldn’t control the game. In the plan we prepared, we had to control the game a bit,” Emery said in an interview. “

In the second half, the first two goals we scored were crazy. It’s even more difficult to collect results after a red card. “

We have to control our emotions even when we’re leading 2-0. We have a duty to be mature. Today we were not as sharp and we were not better than our opponents. Then we couldn’t control our emotions and the red card disappointed me.” ทางเข้า ufabet

“Of course John McGinn is a very important player. He wanted to continue fighting after conceding the second goal. Then it was difficult to come back. They scored two goals. They are now two points apart but they have a game in hand. Of course we have to move on. “

Now we have to think about the game on Thursday. Meeting Ajax is a very good game. That’s what we focus on.”