Dias reiterates the goal of every chartered Manchester City in 2023.

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Manchester City defender Ruben Dias reaffirmed the team’s position in the final arc of the 2022-23 season. That they want success in all competitions that are still on the way. Win as the latest camp after Manchester United, who pressed the triple championship more than 24 years ago.

‘The Blues’ have a chance to win both English Premier League champions. Who trail leaders Arsenal 8 points in less than one match. The English FA Cup reaching the semi-finals or the Champions League reaching the round first deputy. 

With the next two months remaining, the Portuguese urged his team not to pull off the accelerator and make history together. So that jokes to tease neighbors are annoying rich. But abandoned history, etc. So that they can stop making fun of them once UFABET

He told City TV.

“Our aim every season is to take it all in the way.”

“We go through the process. By starting from still supporting himself on various paths no matter who the competitors are must be able to stand up. Even now I can look at being a winner.”

“There’s still a fair amount of road left. even if the period comes in every moment.”

“There are still many games left to play will be sorted by race order. Because if you overlook too many shots, you lose focus.”

“We only have to think about the present hour. Make the best of the rest All I think in my head is just the next game.” 

“Handle the pressure to stay, stay on the right track. And keep up in every competition – both the Champions League, the FA Cup, all of them, just win the game in front of you. That’s it really.” 

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