What should vegetarians know and Prohibition of vegetarian diet?

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Prohibition of vegetarian diet

         1. Abstain from meat. Or harm animals

         2. No oil or butter milk that comes from animals

         3. Avoid spicy foods means food very spicy, salty, sweet, sour, very much

         4. No tasting vegetables, 5 kinds of garlic, onions, main gear. Wor, chives and tobacco leaves

         5. Do not mix dishes and bowls. and having to eat food that vegetarians have cooked together (For those who are    serious ).

       When it comes to vegetarianism or vegetarianism, many people think only about avoiding all types of meat. which some may wonder Why is vegetarian prohibited? 

Therefore, it is forbidden to eat certain vegetables as well. In particular, the five types of pungent vegetables are garlic, onions, chives, chives, tobacco leaves, or sometimes including pungent spices.

         The reason for not eating all 5 types of pungent vegetables is because the pungent vegetables are heavy vegetables. It has a strong fishy odor, so it may affect the mood of vegetarians. The aforementioned pungent vegetables are poisonous, destroying the power of the 5 elements in the body, resulting in the 5 main organs in the body to not function normally.

Details of each type of vegetables can be described as follows.

1. Garlic Whole head of garlic Garlic can affect the fire element of the body. Although garlic contains substances that help reduce cholesterol. But garlic is highly irritating. May damage the work of the heart, so people with stomach or liver disease should not eat a lot of garlic.

2. Onions

Including spring onions, shallot leaves, shallots, shallots, white onions, onions, which according to ancient Chinese medicine principles believe that onions affect the water element in the body. and to destroy kidney function 

3 main Kyoto aka. Chinese Tone Garlic Looks like a common garlic head. But it is smaller and longer. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that the principle affects the soil element in the body. And to destroy the function of the spleen.

4. Kuicheai It is believed that Kuicheai will affect the wood element in the body. And destroy the function of the liver

5. Tobacco leavesWhether it’s tobacco, cigarettes, or intoxicating drugs. Because these drugs will affect the metal in the body. and damage lung function


meanwhile prohibition of spicy food Both very spicy, very salty, very sweet and very sour.

This is because Chinese people usually don’t eat spicy food. Because it is believed that spicy food will destroy the health of the body, for example, if you eat spicy food, it will destroy the stomach. Eating too much salt will destroy the kidneys. which these prohibitions are considered the principles of medicine But some people who do not practice it very strictly, such as who like very salty taste, can use salt instead of fish sauce. 

         As for the prohibition of mixing bowls and cups For those who are strictly vegetarian Because the Chinese believe that the use of containers for savory food Which the Chinese call Cho, it should not be mixed with other foods. Even after thoroughly washing