What kind of melasma treatment method?

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What kind of melasma treatment method? Melasma is a skin problems most common in women. Especially dark-skinned Asian women during middle age. Although melasma is not a disease or a dangerous condition.  But it can cause mental health problems and make many women lose confidence most women.

Therefore, use the method of buying creams or products that advertise as melasma treatment, regardless of the potential danger. Called trial and error and continued for a long time until the blemishes fade and the end result is repeated. Therefore, understanding Correct melasma treatment And choose a good anti-blemish product that will help make your blemishes look fade and your face skin will return to its normal condition sustainably without wasting time and trial and error.

How to treat melasma , melasma treatment method?

I must say that at present. There is no How to cure melasma can be cured and melasma will come back again if stimulated by sunlight and drugs or hormones, which methods to treat melasma. The use of dermatologists is to diminish the pigment cells through different methods and may need to be used in combination for the most effective treatment. Depending on the type of blemish that is a shallow or deep blemish. There are many ways to reduce fade and cure blemishes , but the main ones can be divided into

Melasma treatment with topical medications or whitening products 

It is a safe and effective standard treatment. Works well with shallow blemishes rather than deep blemishes. But the effect is slower than other methods, and some drugs can cause serious side effects if used improperly or used. Melasma treatment products. That secretly put high concentrations of dangerous drugs for quick results By using this standard treatment, most of them will begin to see results that the blemishes fade in 1-2 months. If used continuously for more than 6 months, the results will be clearly visible. But for deep melasma, it is quite difficult to treat if you need to use only topical medication. Therefore, other treatment methods must be used in conjunction with the most popular topical drugs.

Drug group hydroquinone  is the main drug use by doctors in How to cure melasma to cure.

 Because it can help reduce the production of pigment and destroy some of the pigments under the skin. But this drug has high side effects. Because it often causes irritation, burning, redness, swelling and peeling. So it must be under close medical supervision. Because if use with high concentrations or use for a long time, it may cause skin irritation. The color of the skin area is darkened. 

The topical vitamin A acid (Retinoic Acid) is a drug that accelerates the peeling of the top layer of skin cells. Thus helping to fade away blemishes. But this melasma treatment drug should use continuously for a period of 24 weeks or more to begin to see results. Because it may make the skin sensitive to light And cause more irritation. Other side effects that may be found are red, itchy skin, etc.

Topical, hydroquinone, vitamin A, and steroid  is another popular drug used by doctors. 

Because it is easy to use And there is a mild steroid to help reduce irritation of hydroquinone and vitamin A acid. But if used this treatment for a long time. It may cause melasma from the steroid or can cause permanent blemishes from hydroquinone other side effects.

The drug’s makers Salem (Azelaic Acid) is a drug. That is effective in reducing melanin production was equivalent to a topical hydroquinone. But the first use of this drug can cause skin irritation or burning around the skin. It can use with caution or under the supervision of a physician.