What are some high-nutritious, low-calorie foods?

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People who want to be healthy should choose to eat foods. That are nutritious but low-calorie in order to get beneficial nutrients. And the right amount of energy for the body’s needs. The best foods that are nutritious but low in calories are as follows:

Dairy Products.

 Low-fat dairy products in various forms, such as milk, yogurt, or cheese, are rich in protein and calcium.  One cup of low-fat yogurt contains one-third of the calcium you should consume per day and provides 17 percent protein. Calcium helps build strong bones and reduces the risk of high blood pressure. In addition, low-fat milk is rich in vitamin D, which helps increase calcium absorption and reduces the risk of certain types of cancer. Low-fat dairy products with low calories.UFABET  

Carbohydrates and grains. 

Each meal should consist of carbohydrates as the main food. Such as potatoes, bread, rice, pasta or cereals. Carbohydrates contain half the calories of fat, providing energy to do various things. You should choose to eat whole grains because they are rich in nutrients. Including protein, fiber  , vitamin B, antioxidants and many minerals. People who eat whole grains are at a lower risk of various diseases. Such as coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cancers. They also have regular bowel movements and stimulate the growth of bacteria in the intestines. Low-calorie carbohydrate and grain foods are as follows:

100 grams of lentils 29 calories

Sweet potato 100 grams 86 calories

Rice bran (used in the form of bread) 100 grams 293 calories

Pasta with vegetables 100g 60 calories