Warning of tuberculosis vaccine

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Initially, vaccinated persons should inform their doctor about their health history and medication use. This is because certain health problems or medications may interact with vaccines. It is causing effects or harm to the body. Therefore, this type of vaccine cannot vaccinate.

Warning of tuberculosis vaccine
  • People with impaired immune systems such as HIV patients who show symptoms or are prone to immunodeficiency, such as organ transplant recipients. 
  • people who use immunosuppressive drugs like steroids
  • Pregnant women, as there are not enough studies on the safety of the vaccine for the mother and the unborn child.
  • Acute health problems
  • Infected wounds or burns on the skin to be vaccinated.
  • People with a history of allergy to tuberculosis vaccine

Side Effects of Tuberculosis Vaccine

The side effects of tuberculosis vaccines are usually mild and usually go away naturally, such as soreness on the skin where the vaccine was given. with elevated body temperature, headache, enlarged or inflamed nearby lymph nodes, pustules form, which may remain as small scars when healed consider normal for tuberculosis vaccination. 

There can also be serious but very rare side effects. The severe acute allergic reactions ( Anaphylaxis )  fat tissue under the skin. have skin lesions or osteomyelitis.   

Even after vaccination against tuberculosis But the risk of TB infection still exists. Therefore, you should’t complacent and keep protecting yourself from tuberculosis by taking good care of your health. Avoid being in close contact with people with TB or traveling to high-risk areas. If unavoidable, always wear a mask and have a lung health check every year.