Vitamin C In terms of eating to prevent

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Vitamin C In terms of eating to prevent. Vitamin C is recommended here is a supplement. It is not vitamin C that can be obtained from normal diet. Because most of us are not getting enough vitamin C from food each day. By the main benefits of vitamin C according to research is Is an antioxidant Help to strengthen the strength of the immune system against infectious diseases. 

Vitamin C In terms of eating to prevent

It may help reduce inflammation, have the effect of increasing the function of white blood cells to kill germs, help repair small capillaries. Including the heart and blood vessels in the body, slowing down the pigment production of the body. The skin looks brighter and brighter after a month, creating collagen because it has antioxidant activity. Therefore contributes to anti-aging, etc.

But for taking vitamin C to prevent or treat COVID-19, there is currently no scientific evidence to answer the question. Because it’s still new But as we know, COVID-19 is considered a cold, a group of viruses. That cause common cold symptoms as well. Therefore, it could be an analogy that taking vitamin C may help prevent or cure COVID-19 because vitamin C can help prevent colds (in some cases) and help reduce the duration and severity of colds.

In terms of eating to prevent.

 It was found that people who exercise or play sports regularly, who take vitamin C daily, reduce the risk of getting a cold by 50% . But in the case of people who do not exercise regularly. This vitamin C will not help prevent. Cold or reduce the risk of having a cold

In the part of eating to maintain It has been found that taking vitamin C regularly. It can help strengthen the body’s immune system and reduce the duration and severity of colds . When sick with the flu or a viral infection . These patients recover faster than those who did not receive vitamin C supplements ), but in those who have never taken vitamin C before. If you have a cold, then you can start eating. Here, vitamin C will not reduce the severity and duration of a cold. In summary, you have to take a Phum supplement first.