The importance of knowing your blood type

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Blood type

The importance of knowing your blood type  Group, Blood , Blood is an indication of the difference in blood. Which can be determined by taking a blood test By looking at substances called ” antigens ” (Antigens). It is important knowing your blood type that everyone should know. This will allow doctors to provide immediate assistance in the event of an emergency or unforeseen event that requires a blood transfusion.

knowing your blood type Group

Human blood normally consists of red rlood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. The blood type is determined by two substances.

Antigens and Antibodies in the blood. Antigens are protein molecules found on the outer surface of the red blood cells. Antibodies are contained in plasma or blood.

The differentiation of antigens in each person is inherited. If the father or mother has any blood type The child will have the same blood type as any parent.

The importance of knowing your blood type

It is mainly used to determine the appropriate and compatible blood for patients receiving blood for the treatment of anomalous condition. To avoid side effects from blood transfusion. That is when sick or in an emergency, it is safer when the patient has to undergo a blood transfusion. (Either during surgery or undergoing organ transplantation). In which the patient does not know his own blood type or reports the wrong blood type. It may have a dangerous effect on the patient (eg, the patient has a blood type B.  But received type A blood Type A antibodies present in the giver’s blood water destroy the blood cells that contain the recipient’s type A antigen.)

Blood type is important for pregnant women or those planning to become pregnant. 

Because the doctor will be prepared to deal with any problems that may arise during pregnancy. Because if the mother has a negative blood type RH But father has a positive blood type RH Babies may be more likely to have Rh-positive blood type and be more likely to die in the womb. 

This requires the mother to receive a drug Rh immunoglobulin (RhoGAM) to prevent the mother from producing antibodies that destroy the baby’s blood cells in case the mother’s and baby’s blood mixes together. Which is something that often happens during pregnancy.

Forensic science Blood types are used to identify the genetic relevance of parenthood and to study the lineage of these species. It can also be used to help identify the culprit in the event of a crime.

Blood type

At present, there are 32 blood type systems, but there are two major systems:

The ABO blood group system (ABO system or ABO blood group system) is the most popular and important system. It determines the blood type by detecting the type of antigen. (Immunoglobulin) and antibodies (immunity) from the blood, which is divided into 4 blood groups:

Blood type A is the blood group that contains A Antigens on the red blood cells. There is an antibody type Ant-B (Anti-B) in the plasma in Thai people, about 22% of this blood type is found.

Type B blood is a blood group that contains type B antigens (B Antigens) on red blood cells. And there are anti-A (Anti-A) antibodies in the plasma in Thai people, about 33% of this blood type is found.

The O blood type is a blood type that does not contain antigens on red blood cells. But there are both anti-A (Anti-A) and anti-B (Anti-B) antibodies in the plasma in Thai people, this blood type is found at most, about 22%.

Blood type AB is a blood group that contains both type A antigens (A Antigens) and B Antigens on the red blood cells. But there was no anti-A (Anti-A) and anti-B (Anti-B) antibodies in the plasma in Thai people. This blood type was found at least about 8%.

RH blood group system or reboot Texas 

It is less important than the blood type A, B, O system. It consists of five clinically important antigens: large D antigens (D), large C antigens (C), large E antigens (E), Small antigens (c), Small antigens (e) and Antigens. Other 46 were related, but not clinically important. But the major antigens responsible for the type of blood type RH system were: Big good antigens (D). Which can divide into two groups (when referring to RH positive or RH negative. it means only big good antigens):

Rh- positive blood group (Rh + or Rh Positive). People with this blood type have a large antigen-D (Antigen-D) on the surface of the red blood cells. Can receive both types of Rh-positive (Rh +) and RH-negative (Rh-), which in most Thais have 99.7% of this positive blood type RH (D).

RH negative blood type (Rh- or Rh Negative) People with this blood group antigen is not – well, big (Antigen-D) on the surface of red blood cells.  It can receive only the Rh- negative type (Rh-) and only 0.3% of people with this blood are found in Thai people, which we call “ rare blood types” or “ special blood types”.