The immune system against COVID-19!

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Vitamins and herbs that can help strengthen the immune system against COVID-19! A large outbreak of the novel coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) in many areas around the world. This makes people stress and anxiety as well. Because at the moment there is no vaccine to prevent and can not control the spread. Also when people don’t get sick they want to find a way to prevent COVID-19 rather than wait for themselves to be infected. The only best course of action is to turn to immune enhancement to prevent infection and destroy it after infection. Which in addition to exercising to strengthen the body Another method is equally important. Eating herbs and vitamins that can help strengthen the immune system and fight the virus itself.

The immune system against COVID-19!

If we prepare ourselves to stay healthy early by exercising and eating nutrients that stimulate the immune system and have the potential to protect against viral infections. It will be a protective barrier to help reduce the chance of infection with the virus. If already infected, it may reduce the risk of severe symptoms leading to death. Especially in the elderly Those who are physically weak Or people with various chronic illnesses who often die from this virus

Herbal Vitamin Against COVID-19

As for the nutrients, vitamins and herbs listed below. Although many of them have not been studied about the emerging disease, COVID-19 is found to be a good antioxidant. Has an immune stimulating effect Inhibits pathogenic viral infections. Anti-inflammatory and may help reduce the duration and severity of viral diseases.

2. Vitamin D can help reduce respiratory tract infections caused by viruses and bacteria. Because when the body is infected A healthy airway epithelium prevents viruses and bacteria from entering the airways. Which sources of vitamin D come from supplements and sunlight. This is one more reason why countries with little sun exposure are more likely can infect with COVID-19 than in tropical countries like our home. Where this vitamin is less deficient.

3. Rutin  is a phytochemical that is classified in the bioflavonoid group one of a kind found in nature. Has antioxidant, antiviral.