The essence of chicken broth increases oxygen to the brain

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Japanese research suggests that essence of chicken broth increases oxygen to the brain. It has an effect on memory! Essence of Chicken ( Essence Eye Of from Chicken or the EOC , the EC ) is a dark brown color extracted from chicken. It is a function food. That has been known and popular among Chinese people for thousands of years. Because the Chinese are believed to Chicken soup is rich in beneficial nutrients. Can help maintain a healthy body Help to recover fever quickly Blood maintenance for pregnant women. Also may have properties to help restore fatigue of the brain and body And may also help stimulate memory.

essence of chicken broth increases oxygen

As a result, over the past few decades, scientists have been interested and began researching to prove their belief in the essence of chicken broth. Thus, there are currently scientific researches published in many health journals. Especially in regard to the effect on brain function Some scientific evidence proves the benefits of chicken broth. Is as follows

Note : Food Function  food is any substance in nature or that has been processed to provide health benefits in addition to receiving from the foods eaten on a daily basis. Functional food therefore acts more than normal food in daily life. It plays a role in reducing the risk of disease and improving health.

Essence of Chicken on Brain Function

1. It helps to increase the ability to remember while working. Based on the results of a 2019 research synthesis using a meta-analysis, research on the benefits of consuming chicken broth on improving the cognitive function of the brain while working. Results of 794 healthy volunteers found that the group who drank chicken essence soup daily had improved brain function in working memory and cognition in healthy subjects.

2. Essence of Chicken has been shown to improve memory ability and short-term memory. The results of the experiment showed that Essence of chicken has been shown to improve working memory and short-term memory, especially. In those with moderate and high stress from work and life.