Spicy food may be hurting the body.

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Spicy food may be hurting the body. All kinds of spicy food. Do you know that all “ spicy food ” will stimulate the heat energy in the body. And may be too much to destroy the cells and tissues in our body. And if you eat like this regularly, you will soon get sick. Because of your own eating.

Spicy food may be hurting the body


Spicy flavor caused by chili And chili contains capsaicin (capsaicin), a substance that irritates the tissues of our tongue, making us feel ” spicy ” despite the fact that the tongue does not have spicy receptors. Let’s observe when we eat very spicy. Will feel hot flushes This heat has been around for a long time since we ate it in our mouth. Extending to the lower part of the stomach And until the time of excretion During the journey Spicyness can cause tissue to become weak, inflamed, swollen and reddened. Extremely spicy can cause the cells to die and peel off. These are the causes of irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux.

Sour taste

The sour taste will increase the acidity in the stomach. Both are already very high in acid. The acid of the sour taste will thin the enamel, causing sensitivity or decay. Then it is also the cause of stomach disease. Irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux as well

Sweet taste

The sweet taste that we get from sugar, rice, flour, including processed foods. The body will be able to absorb it quickly. If received too much until the blood sugar level is high and imbalance. The pancreas has to work harder to produce more insulin. As the pancreas works harder until it deteriorates, it doesn’t produce enough insulin. Until you may eventually suffer from diabetes


Early horrors Of salty eaters is edema Because if you eat very salty .. The body gets too much sodium salt. Our kidneys will not excrete the salt in time. And if you drink less water as well The higher the salt concentration in the blood. The blood is therefore very viscous. This causes the heart to be exhausted, exerting more force to compress it to deliver blood to the various parts of the body. ” Salty eating ” therefore destroys not only the ” kidney ” but also to “the heart and blood vessels “

Many people want good health. End this spicy problem by eating tasteless. But forget that some things are not easy if you don’t control every step of your cooking. Because the food that we encounter in our daily life often contains salt, sodium and sugar, we accidentally eat it. So you have to be extra careful. But one thing can start by itself. And do not have to say goodbye to the deliciousness of spicy food is to change the ingredients in the house Choose a seasoning That reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, pressure on the outside will keep the taste and mellow flavor It is also good for your health.