Social Addiction Affects Mental Health

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Social media addiction is spending too much time on social media. Causing a significant impact on work, study and lack of interaction with those around them. Social media addiction is also a risky behavior that can lead to depression, stress, ADHD and bipolar disorder.Affects Mental Health to you.

Social media addiction

  • live on social media more than intended
  • The time when you don’t use social media Often has symptoms of restlessness or irritability
  • Try to control your access to social media. but can’t control
  • Think of social media regularly. no matter what you’re doing
  • Whenever I’m stressed, I use social media to relieve stress.
  • Lie or hide in order to get on social media.
  • have a working problem or problems in relationships with close people

Causes of Social Media Addiction

  •  society, such as social culture Connecting with friends through social media
  •  Media such as marketing that produces media to meet the needs of a specific group of consumers
  •  Depression or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
social media addiction

Types of Social Addiction

  •  Addicted to substance, such as addicted to games, addicted to online gambling, etc.
  • Connected to relationships, such as addicted to Facebook, addicted to Line chat, etc.
  •  Attaching the device, attaching the model of the smartphone, etc.


How to Prevent Social Media Addiction

  • Try to limit the amount of time you use on social media.
  •  Try to find another activity to do. to divert attention, such as exercising traveling, etc.
  •  consult a psychiatrist or contact the Mental Health Hotline 1323

advancement of technology And the Internet, if used correctly, it will be useful. But if too much is used, it will become a mental penalty for the user himself. Therefore there should be a good interaction with the people around you and use social media only when necessary.