Proper consumption of vinegar.

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Vinegar contains some nutrients that are beneficial to health. But consumers should choose vinegar products carefully and consume them in appropriate amounts to avoid health hazards. That are rare, such as injuries to the throat, esophagus, and stomach.

In Thailand, vinegar production is controlled by standards. And the amount of various compounds is strictly determined for the benefit and safety of consumers. However, consumers should also choose products carefully. The Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health. Recommends that consumers choose vinegar by looking at the following components: UFABET  

  • Labels : Labels of vinegar must be in Thai or may contain foreign languages. But the text on the label must show complete details including the name of the food. The percentage of acetic acid, the food registration number in the FDA mark box. The name and location of the manufacturer, the net volume. As well as the date of manufacture and the expiration date of the product.
  • The TIS certification mark should have a quality standard certification mark from the Ministry of Industry.
  • Acetic Acid Content: should not contain less than 4 percent acetic acid. But not more than 7 percent, which can be observed on the product label.
  • The condition of the product should be a clear liquid, without color. But it may be colored with burnt sugar, no impurities, no sediment, or there may be some sediment naturally if it is fermented vinegar.