Probiotic is a health care aid

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Probiotic is a health care aid. Did you know? Microbial populations in our bodies have 10 times more cells than human cells, just in the colon. Each of us has 10 14  of these little friends ! Which the food we eat Also contributes to the nurturing and keeping these microorganisms alive. Which could be said that These microorganisms are very beneficial to the body. Because it will help strengthen the body’s defense system Causing the process of creating various neurotransmitters That affects the work of the brain to work better. It also has a positive effect on the absorption of food. It also helps the digestive system work as efficiently as possible.

Probiotic is a health care aid

But with each person’s lifestyle is different. Both working hard and not getting enough rest Or eating foods that are low in nutrients This includes people who like to socialize and drink large amounts of alcohol. These lifestyles are all the reasons for the constant decline in microorganisms in our body. Especially the microorganisms in the colon

Choosing to eat probiotics Is another option that will help strengthen the body’s health. It also helps the microorganisms that are beneficial to the body to function efficiently. Helping you live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

What are probiotics?

Probiotic is a type of good microorganism that benefits the body. When eaten in moderation it can help promote health. The microorganisms of this type are resistant to acids and alkalis. It can bind to the surface of the intestinal mucosa to produce antibacterial agents or eliminate other microorganisms. In our gut In order to have better health

How are probiotics beneficial to the body?

Probiotics play a role in preventing pathogens from binding to the lining of the intestine by creating a protective barrier to the lining of the intestine. It also inhibits the growth of opportunistic infections during the body’s weakness. It also directly stimulates the digestive system. Help maintain the balance of the microorganisms in the body that are lost. And contributes to stimulating the immune system to reach equilibrium as well

In addition, research work has been conducted on probiotics in the treatment of diseases. Which from research results have shown that it positively affects the body In case of food poisoning Diarrhea due to the fact that the body does not digest lactose in milk. Diarrhea from antibiotic medication To allergy problems, etc.

Probiotic is a health care aid

Probiotics are good microorganisms found in natural foods such as parmesan cheese, cottage cheese, kimchi, yogurt, fermented milk, pickles, fermented fish, miso, nut. To, pickled cucumbers, etc. But if anyone wants to find a supplement to eat for health care. It is wise to choose a product that guarantees that the probiotic is alive. And resistant to gastric juice in the stomach (Arrive alive) and contains Inulin, a probiotic food with (Synbiotics), it also requires technology that allows probiotics to adhere to. Large intestine It is important to select a product with at least 5 strains of specific microorganisms for specific results. And the volume is not less than 6.3 billion CFU