Post-Series Depression how do you manage yourself?

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If you have Post-Series Depression, how do you manage yourself?

If you have Post-Series Depression
  • First you have to admit to yourself that your favorite series. favorite cartoon Or the reality show we love is over. And it’s time to return to the real world.
  • If you’re sad or miss the character to the point of crying can go back and look again Although not as exciting as the first time. But it can help you lose your mind.
  • Find a new series to watch, or find another hobby to do to distract yourself from the old series.
  • go out to meet friends Go and do activities with people in real life.
  • Tell the story of the series to others, especially with like-minded people. Talking, sharing memories. Or reviewing stories in Chiri will be enough to relieve loneliness. and nostalgia

Nowadays, there are many series to choose from. Each story is so intensely fun that it can’t be put down, getting into it and getting sad when the series ends, so it’s not weird. You just have to hurry and bring yourself back to your normal life. Do not sink until the sound is broken.