Is Fish oil good for pregnant women?

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Is Fish oil good for pregnant women? Fish oil there are many types of fatty acids. But the most important fatty acids are the omega-3 fatty acids that make up EPA and DHA, which are essential fatty acids for the body. Useful for the cardiovascular system Nourishes the brain and eyes. But the body needs to get it from food only. 

Is Fish oil good for pregnant women?

Because the body cannot create itself Especially food such as deep sea fish (Including fish oil supplements extracted from deep sea fish as well) because they contain high amounts of essential fatty acids and low levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

For this reason, it makes pregnant women or pregnant mothers, many people prefer to eat fish oil to nourish the pregnancy. For the reason that it is high in omega 3, is fish oil really good for pregnant mothers? This article has answers.

Can pregnant women eat fish oil?

It is safe for pregnant women or pregnant women to consume fish oil. If you eat properly Eat the right amount And under the guidance of a doctor. Because fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for the mother herself. And may be beneficial for brain development, eyesight, and enhancing your baby’s immunity as well.l

Even before this, there was a standard recommendation. (For safety reasons), “Fish oil should not be ingested during the first 3 months as it may affect embryo implantation. And should stop eating at least 4 weeks before giving birth as it may cause postpartum hemorrhage. Or cause harm to the fetus, such as premature birth (Because the strength of the child depends on the gestational age) ”But nowadays, there are many studies that“ it is not found that eating fish oil is harmful to pregnancy ”if we eat it properly and in the amount That’s right

Is fish oil good for pregnant women?

Well, because fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial to mothers in terms of helping to reduce triglyceride levels of blood lipids, lower blood pressure. Try to reduce the risk of vascular disease and Heart, has various anti-inflammatory properties, builds immune system, etc.

Especially DHA is a component of brain cells, nerves and retina. If the baby gets adequate, it can result in full brain and visual development. lSuch as those born by a healthy mother and a well-balanced diet. In particular, you can eat meat and fish foods on a daily basis.