How to protect against UV and HEVIS rays

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How to protect against UV and HEVIS rays

  1. Reduce the play of mobile phones or smartphones to some less. Especially at night (I do not believe it, I have to believe that Thai people are the number one mobile phone in the world. Using a mobile phone an average of 4.2 hours a day!)
  2. Lighten the screen of your computer or mobile phone to be less bright and not too bright.
  3. Put a blue light protection film on the computer screen. Mobile phone screen And tablet screens such as Blue Light Cut film
  4. Find other free time activities instead of in front of the screen, such as reading, playing sports.
  5. Use a skincare or moisturizer that contains lutein, beta carotene, vitamin C, or antioxidants. (Antioxidant) to help protect the skin. And stimulate the production of collagen to the skin
  6. Use sunscreen with UV and HEVIS protection properties.
protect against UV and HEVIS rays

How to choose a sunscreen

When it’s time to choose to buy sunscreen products Whether it is a cream, gel, lotion or spray. In addition to basic properties such as UVA and UVB protection are good for the skin type. The meat is already thin. Should be a sunscreen to control it well. Importantly, in this age, you should choose a sunscreen that has HEVIS mitigation properties.

In other words, research shows that HEVIS affects the skin more than we think. 

A good sunscreen must have the following important features:

  1. Excellent sun protection with an SPF of 30+ and PA +++.
  2. Has anti-blue light ( HEVIS ) properties that can cause aging skin and problems with freckles, freckles, dull skin.
  3. Suitable for all skin types Especially young Asian women with oily skin and prone to acne prone like us. Must have oil control qualifications Can be used even on sensitive skin.
  4. Light texture, easy to spread, quickly absorbed, not heavy, sticky or leaving stains

For this reason, a good sunscreen should have both UV and HEVIS protection properties. An oil-control sunscreen suitable for people with oily skin, acne prone, sensitive to the sun with 4 key features as follows:

  • Protect your skin from UVA or UVB rays with a Broad-Spectrum Oxidant Filter.
  • Effectively reduce the effects caused by HEVIS because it contains HEVIS Light Defense Technology, which contains high potent antioxidants that have been tested to destroy free radicals. Thus helping to prevent the occurrence of blemishes, freckles, dark spots, older skin (Photo-aging)
  • Carnitine can control oil for up to 8 hours, thus effectively reducing the chance of acne blockages.
  • The texture of the sunscreen is a dry touch (Dry touch). The test showed that the texture of this sunscreen is quite light. Easy to spread Absorbs into the skin faster than expected. Gives you a dry and comfortable touch It does not feel heavy on the skin or leaves any stains and does not make makeup greasy as well.
  • It has been tested to not cause acne. (Non-acnegenic) suitable for face types, including oily skin, combination skin, prone to acne prone
  • Free from fragrances, silicones, artificial colors and parabens That may cause irritation to the skin easily can be used even on sensitive skin.