How Enzyme and Bacteriocin fight against cancer

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How Enzyme and Bacteriocin fight against cancer? There are several types of enzymes that play a role in the fight against cancer. The most prominent enzyme group is Protease. They are responsible for digestion of other proteins. Protease enzymes break down the protein shield that surrounds cancer cells. In addition, there are other important groups of enzymes.

Such as superoxide dismutase and catalase, which inhibit cells from being damaged by the immune system. Destroys and transforms into cancer cells Enzymes involved in inflammation. Which stimulates the removal of cancer cells not to spread Including enzymes that perform digestion functions and related to the metabolic process. This helps the digestive system, excretion and normal energy balance. Especially in patients with cancer of the liver, pancreas, intestines, stomach, which are organs directly involved in the digestion and production of digestive enzymes.

There are several types of bacteria found to be effective against cancer. Including Nisin from Leuconostoc mesenteroides, Toxin Killer from Pichia fanirosa, and Pediocin from P.acidilactici and P.pentosaceus. Which can inhibit bacteria, fungi, aflatoxin. That stimulate cancer cells and also help get rid of cancer cells by each type of Bacteriocin has properties also the mechanisms for eradicating cancer are different.

In conclusion, both enzymes and Bacteriocin are substances that help inhibit cancer cells.  It make cancer treatment more effective Have fewer side effects on patients. Also to eliminate cancer cells more specifically without destroying normal cells in the body. Both substances used to inhibit cancer are often found in dietary supplements. Which if interested in wanting to buy and try only choose products that are certified as safe and reliable.