How does sleepless affect weight?

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When was the last time you slept fully? which sleepless or not sleeping enough can make us sleepy during the day. But it also makes us fatter! It’s important to your health.

Following results.

1. Changes in hormone levels that affect appetite. Decreased sleep time results in decreased levels of the hormone leptin and increased levels of the hormone ghrelin. Leptin, produced by fatty tissue. Results in anorexia. Most of the hormone ghrelin is produced by the stomach. Causing a feeling of hunger. Changes in the levels of these two hormones Overall. It increased the appetite. People who sleep less are hungry for food. And consume more food than people who sleep enough.

2. Alterations in the activity of the part of the brain that controls appetite. The part of the brain that controls appetite is the hypothalamus. Which consists of the appetite suppressant and the anorexic part. Irregular sleep results in. The part of the brain that triggers the appetite and reward system is stimulate and results in sleep disturbances feeling more hungry.

3.The duration of the meal increases. Having more waking hours result in longer meal times as well. The food you eat is mostly snacks and drinks that are high in energy. In addition, some people who have to stay up late may offer food or drink to reduce sleepiness. All this results in more energy gain and result in weight gain.

4. Reduced physical activity and daily physical activity. People who sleep less and sleep is poor quality. Make the body weak feeling sleepy during the day. This results in a decrease in daily physical activity. Including exercise as well. This decrease exercise and physical activity decreases the body’s metabolism. And the remaining energy from eating will be stored as more fat. People with low and poor sleep quality are also more likely to gain weight.