Home quarantine manual during COVID-19

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Home quarantine manual during COVID-19. COVID-19 outbreak Both domestic and international continue to be violent. Even after the COVID-19 vaccine is available, people who are vaccinated are still likely to infect or spread the disease to others. One of the best ways to reduce the outbreak is quarantine. 

Home quarantine manual during COVID-19.

The quarantine has been very helpful in reducing the spread of COVID-19  . This is because confinement in the shelter avoids large crowds of people. In which those who just return from abroad Is an infected person People who come in contact or close to people who have confirmed COVID-19 infection. The quarantine can observe for at least 14 days. This article will help you understand and prepare for an effective and appropriate home quarantine.

Home quarantine manual during COVID-19

What is detention?

Quarantine is a measure that helps people who come in contact with or stay close to someone with COVID-19. Stay away from others to prevent unknowingly spreading germs to others. It also prevents the spread of the disease before the patient diagnose or if the patient infect but does not show symptoms. This measure reduces the risk of an increase in the number of infections and deaths from the COVID-19 outbreak. Effectively

Although the detention is similar to  the Social Distancing and social isolation. But this was different. The detention limits the area of ​​residence of people who may expose to COVID-19. By during detention The person must observe the symptoms that may occur simultaneously, while social spacing creates distance from the general public. Also social isolation will separate the patient from others in order to reduce and prevent the spread of infection.