Golden rules for beauty skin care

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Want to have beautiful, young skin, must take good care of your skin, starting with these 4 items.

Regardless of the age and age, it is important to keep your skin looking radiant, healthy and looking younger. Therefore, understanding and getting to know how to properly care for your facial skin is always the starting point for skin care to be beautiful and radiant. Let’s start taking care of your skin that is healthy for a long time with these 4 rules. I can say that if you can do all of the above, the beautiful, clear, younger looking skin is definitely within reach Because every method will help take care of the skin properly. It also helps to build collagen to the skin as well. But is there any way to go and see it at the same time?

Golden rules for beauty skin care

You must start with a thorough facial cleansing.

Believe it or not, various skin problems such as dry skin, oily skin, acne to wrinkles. Aging skin and collagen deficiency is the result of inadequate facial cleansing. Because the most important step in skin care is not just skincare with versatile creams. But it is to clean the surface thoroughly. Both to get rid of dirt Cosmetic stains And what is left inside the pores When the skin is clean There will be no clogging the pores. Helps reduce a variety of skin problems ever.

Therefore, the first rule of thumb for people to have beautiful skin is to deeply cleanse the skin. By choosing a cleansing formula that is suitable for your skin type Including choosing a cleansing foam that gently cleanses the skin Try to avoid products that contain substances that damage your skin, such as:

  • Parabens : a kind of preservative. It is often used as an ingredient in cosmetics. And various products to extend the service life
  • SLS : Surfactant It is often used as an ingredient in laundry detergents, soap, shampoo and facial cleansing foam. Which directly adversely affects the skin Best avoided
  • Fragrances and alcohol : they dehydrate dry skin, cause wrinkles, wrinkles, lack of collagen, and also cause allergic reactions.

Most importantly, if you want to have youthful-looking skin when washing your face or wiping off your make-up with a cotton ball, you need to do it gently. That’s it, it is the beginning of a good skin care routine.