Get to know Bipolar disorder

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Bipolar disorder is treated quickly and can lead a normal life.

Get to know Bipolar disorder. During the time everyone was asked to cooperate to self-isolate. distance from society It is natural for a person to experience feelings of stress, anxiety, or possibly uncontrollable mental states. Even worse, from another angle This dire social condition also affects ‘People who can’t control emotional changes’ as well. If the situation does not tend to improve. We may have witnessed unexpected losses. Can occur with patients with ‘Bipolar Disorder’ can happen again.

Get to know Bipolar disorder

The stories of loss that we know in the newspapers or on the television screens of people with bipolar disorder. Virtually all events were not due to their intentions. But most of them are caused by uncontrollable mood swings that lead to self-harm or others. during the exacerbation.

Is bipolar disorder really difficult to understand?

The symptoms of bipolar disorder are difficult for those around them to understand. Many times there is an opportunity to provoke conflict and followed by violence. What is difficult to predict is that we do not know what form of violence it will take. “Patients act. or the patient is being treated.” Therefore, it is very necessary that the people around Must understand the nature of this disease well.

Many times, people are mistaken for bipolar disorder and depression. is the same illness But understanding is not entirely correct, Bipolar Disorder  is in the emotional disorders. As well as depression But while depression. There are obvious symptoms of depression or sadness alone

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“Bipolar disorder will be different is able to express bipolar mood changes.” The first is the polarity of the ’emotional up’ phase, whether it’s moody or excessively irritable. And the other pole is the  depressed  phase, or the same depressive mood as depression.

Simply put, people with bipolar disorder experience sudden mood changes, suddenly cheerful and playful. turning into sadness for no reason and then turned into frustration. angry at the surroundings The mechanism of this complex disease thus affecting the patient’s daily life in various fields. Whether it is work relationship with people around to taking care of yourself. And in the worst-case scenario is the conclusion of violence that no one wants to have.