Enzymes and Bacteriocin with cancer therapy!

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Enzymes and Bacteriocin with cancer therapy! Its in the body that play a number of important roles. Whether it is digestion Immune stimulation Elimination of toxins and others. There are long studies and trials of enzymes in the treatment of diseases. Including in cancer itself It has been researched for many decades. Because it is believed that it is a natural treatment that gives good results And has few side effects. Bacteriocin is important in industry and medicine. Is used to inhibit various bacteria, and today there are many studies that found that cancer cells can be eliminated as well.

Enzymes and Bacteriocin with cancer therapy!

What are Enzymes and Bacteriocin?

Enzymes are living proteins (Active & Kinetic) that are responsible for accelerating chemical reactions within the body. Each enzyme has a specific shape and only catalyzes specific reactions. Protease enzymes are responsible for digestion of other proteins, etc. In our body there are more than 3,000 enzymes involved in more than 7,000 reactions. In addition to enzymes are created in the body itself. It also comes from the food we eat, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, fermented foods and supplements. Which are all beneficial for health And also has good results in the fight against cancer.

The Bacteriocin a protein synthesized in bacteria to inhibit the growth of other bacteria. Especially bacteria with similar genetics Or in the same habitat But it is not harmful to people. Bacteriocin produce by many types of bacteria. In the past, it is mainly used in the food industry as a biological preservative or use fermented milk.

How do enzymes and Bacteriocin fight cancer?

Reading up to this point, I might wonder if So how do both substances help treat cancer? … First of all, it is important to understand that cancer cells are abnormal cells that cannot function. Plus it is also immortal (Is not willing to die in the normal process) and increase the number to infinity. Part of the way cancer cells refuse to die is because they can cover by a protein called fibrin. Thick fibrin is a shield that prevents the body’s immune system from destroying cancer cells. Including if you want to kill cancer cells with chemical drugs.

Therapy requires a high dose of drugs to break down the fibrin barrier to destroy cells. It can cause serious side effects in patients. Such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, body aches. Until sometimes the patients themselves could not tolerate the effects of drugs, so the important function of enzymes Is that. It degrades fibrin around cancer cells and gives them the opportunity for immunity.