Effects of UV and HEVIS rays

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What is blue light

Blue light (HEVIS), a silent threat from light … it affects the skin more than you think! Blue Light  is the official full name as a High Light, the Energy Visible mode (referred to as the HEV or HEVIS Light, ) is a light, high-energy mix in a white light visible to humans. The white light can be divided into 7 colors: purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, bright and red.

Effects of UV and HEVIS rays

The blue light is present all around us and can have an unexpected effect on our skin. Because it is light that can be found in both sunlight (As with UVA and UVB) from fluorescent lamps. From the phone screen Computer monitor, TV monitor or LED monitor. So if anyone thinks that sitting in front of a computer screen Sitting on the phone. Such as general sunscreens that do not have HEVIS Light protection properties, and will be safe from blue light.

Note : In the exposure of sunlight, it contains approximately 5% of the ultraviolet (Ultraviolet: UV) rays which are divided into UVA and UVB rays, 50% visible light (50% visible light) and 45% infrared or infrared.

Effects of UV and HEVIS rays

  • Cause free radicals on the skin that stimulate Enzyme production, destroy collagen and elastin in the skin layers, causing skin cells to deteriorate faster than normal. Resulting in wrinkles easily Sagging Skin lacks moisture And skin aging (Photo-aging) followed.
  • The study of the research team found that At night, blue light disrupts the body’s clock. The causing the skin to malfunction. Then affect the natural regeneration process of the skin Makes the skin look older than the age in the end. This is because blue light is the culprit of the perception that it is daytime.
  • Stimulate freckles, sunburn, deep spots, dark spots, dull skin as well as UVA and UVB rays.
  • A 2014 study also found that blue light triggers inflamed skin and leads to dark spots.
  • Weakens the skin barrier Uneven skin tone (A 2008 study by Japanese researchers in mice found that Blue light interferes with the recovery of the skin barrier.)
  • Interferes with the hormones that help you sleep. Cause sleeplessness and indirectly adversely aggravate our skin.

Easily noticed that in people who use sunscreen regularly Rarely out in the sun But the surface of the face is older than the age Freckles are not lighter or darker.