Collagen Dipeptide for a bone and joint aid!

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Collagen Dipeptide for a bone and joint aid! When I get older Signs of bones and joints will begin to ask. Starting to walk, there is a sore knee sound, a lumbago or a back pain, these are the signs that should be taken care of early and most Thai people just understand. Bone and joint care with calcium supplementation is sufficient, although supplementation with collagen is also an important component.

Collagen Dipeptide for a bone and joint aid!

Between the ages of 25-30, the bone is the most dense because it has accumulated since childhood. But after we start at 30 years of age, our bone mass will start to decline over and over again. We can reduce the rate of bone loss by taking collagen supplements along with calcium intake. Because collagen acts like a column, calcium binds to increase bone strength. And increase flexibility of various organs within the body Especially in the bones, joints, cartilage, blood vessels and the skin.

For this reason, collagen is used for people with osteoarthritis or in people with thin or brittle bones, especially “ collagen dipeptide ” because of the latest research.

We have found that collagen dipeptide can help with bone and joint issues as follows.

  • Help prevent cartilage degeneration and inhibit the thinning of cartilage.
  • Help inhibit the deterioration of the cells of the condoside. ( which are cells that make up the cartilage.
  • Stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycan , which has the property of water. Thus making the joint tissue able to withstand the pressure.
  • It helps to increase the water in the joints. This allows joints to move better and do not cause conflicts.
  • Helps reduce abnormal bone cell changes in mice with osteoarthritis.  contributes to reducing the degeneration of the joints.
  • It can help reduce inflammation and pain from movement in the cartilage area. 
  • Improves bone mineral density Strengthens the bones.
  • Helps regulate the activity of cells that act to destroy bone and bone-forming cells. 

What is collagen dipeptide?

The collagen peptides  is an innovative extraction of collagen. (In collagen supplements) that were developed in the form of ” Dipeptide “. Which is collagen with amino acids that are the main structure of collagen sequentially. Only two of them make the molecules very small, an average of 200 Daltons. So they don’t need to digest in the stomach. But it will transport and absorb by the small intestine into the bloodstream and directly into target cells such as skin cells, bone cells and cartilage cells.

To say this, many readers may confuse by the origin or may not know that collagen supplements are available in many different grades. If it is easy to speak and understand, it must explain that Typically. The fibrous protein collagen in foods such as animal skins may be molecules are larger than 300,000 Dalton when taken through the small reduction can be ” collagen peptide long lines ” .

By using some enzymes to cut the collagen that can extract into a short chain, it will be a ” short chain of collagen peptides ” with a 2,000 dal molecule. Talc that is ready to be absorbed. (Slowly absorbed) and when digested down to a smaller number of amino acids in a row of 3, it will be “ Collagen Tripeptide.”To have an average molecule of 500-1000 Daltons (which is moderately absorbed), but with the invention and development of the most efficient collagen form, it has been digested and reduced to a smaller size, leaving only the acidic. The two amino strands are formed as ” collagen dipeptide ” with a very small average molecule of only 200 Daltons. Which can be absorbed faster and many times more than collagen tripeptide.