Benefits and methods of rinsing the nose.

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Nasal rinsing is cleaning the nasal cavity by inserting or instilling water into the nose. Rinsing nose will help wash away mucus or pus in the nasal cavity. and behind the nasal cavity clean the nasal cavity. The water used is recommended to use 0.9% saline because of its properties to reduce the stickiness of mucus. And prevent pathogens from growing. It’s important for your health.

What are the benefits?

  • Helps to clear thick, sticky mucus that UFABET cannot be drained by itself clean the nasal cavity
  • Chronic cold symptoms improve
  • Prevent the spread of germs from the nose and sinuses to the lungs.
  • Helps reduce the number of germs, waste, allergens and substances caused by the reaction of
  • body to allergens
  • Moisturizing the nasal mucosa
  • Relieve nasal congestion make breathing easier
  • Relieve irritation in the nose
  • Rinsing your nose before using the nasal spray will make the nasal spray more effective.

When should I wash my nose?

  • When there is a large amount of thick mucus.
  • Before using the nasal spray.


The saline solution and equipment used to rinse the nose must be clean. Because leaving it open and using it continuously for a long time until it runs out will cause germs to accumulate. You should also rinse your nose when there is a large amount of thick mucus (if the mucus is clear and small amount, order it out). You should not hold your breath to keep the salt water in your nose for a long time. Because the saline may flow back into the sinuses. and blow your nose to gently command and do not need to cover the other nostril because it can cause the eardrum to go through