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Control blood pressure levels. Foods that contain dietary fiber can help lower blood pressure levels. And bananas are one of them. It is also believed that the potassium found in bananas helps the body excrete more sodium through the urine. Ehich has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure levels.

One related study revealed that when comparing volunteers who took an additional 36 mmol of potassium supplement to their meals. Which is equivalent to eating 2.5 bananas, with another group that took 6 mmol of potassium. It was found that the group that took more potassium had a greater reduction in blood pressure levels UFABET 

However, although the research found promising results in lowering blood pressure levels. There are not enough studies in this area. So it is difficult to conclude that it is really effective. In addition, it cannot be confirmed that the same effect will be obtained. When eating 2.5 bananas instead of potassium supplements. We will have to wait for the results of the study on the benefits of bananas in lowering blood pressure levels directly.

Diarrhea .

Bananas are believed to be a fruit that is good for stomach health because the carbohydrates from bananas. That the body cannot digest are a good source of food for probiotics. Which are good bacteria found in the intestines. This helps this type of bacteria to multiply. There is also evidence that says that probiotics can help reduce diarrhea, which is a side effect of taking some antibiotics.

One study examined the antidiarrheal benefits. They fed 57 boys with persistent diarrhea for 14 days or more a diet consisting of either cooked raw bananas, rice with a banana peel extract called pectin, or plain rice alone. The results showed that cooked raw bananas and pectin were both effective in treating diarrhea by improving leaky gut syndrome. However, as with many other conditions, are not well-established as a treatment for diarrhea.